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Colorful Diamonds – Not For Individuals Looking for Champagne on a Beer Budget

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Celebrities have made yellow and pink diamond engagement rings acutely appealing in ended years. While most cannot afford to buy these gems, there are beautiful alternatives that can be had for less than 3 months salary

Colorful Diamonds – Not For Individuals Looking for Champagne on a Beer Budget

Colorful Diamonds - Not For Individuals Looking for Champagne on a Beer Budget

Pink diamond engagement rings received a mound of urgency recently when J-Lo received an exquisite 6 carat pink diamond in 2002 from Ben Affleck Although the tale fizzled, the dram for pink diamonds did notOnly a small digit of pink diamonds are found each year, moulding them both deeply casual and highly sought after. Due to the supply/demand factor, they are often deeply costly and can chewed run over $10,000 and typically much much further Natural pink diamonds are embellish in color with just a hint of pink. Most of the world’s pink diamonds are found in AustraliaAn captivating possibility to pink diamonds are pink sapphires, which are less expensive ($500 and up), come in a wider variety of shapes and sizes, and keep both embellish and deep shades of pink Pink sapphires receive their color from small amounts of chromium They are a fatiguing gemstone and are therefore suitable for everyday wear Pink tourmalines are another preference to pink diamonds For those who dive into the “want champagne on a mild limit category,” you can always alloy derisory pink diamonds with fresh affordable gemstones. Also, colorless diamonds can undergo treatment to evolve a pink hue at a further affordable priceOne of the most revered canary yellow duty rings was worn by Paris Hilton The emerald cut ball weighed in at a enormous 24 carats. Regular couples today are besides selecting canary yellow stones for their chore rings. While diamonds with a slight waxen hue are not considered desirable, those with a general intense yellow color are actually becoming fully valuable Only 1 in 1,000 diamonds are classified as canary yellow The yellow color is believed to be due to the presence of nitrogen atoms when the diamond is formed Diamonds can further undergo a process called irridiation or rangy pressure/high temperature treaments in edict to bestow them a yellow hue

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Yellow diamonds are fresh expensive than their white counterparts, and the intensity of the color factors into this. If couples can’t afford a ordinary yellow diamond as a center-stone, as with pink diamonds, there are always alternatives Smaller yellow diamonds can be used as sidestones or ordinary yellow gemstones such as yellow sapphires or citrine can be used instead


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