February 4, 2023


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Chic LV Random Flower Ring

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Here I would like to recommend this chic LV Random Flower ring to you, which is a significant component of the LV Random Flower Collection including bracelets, rings and hair clips. This mound is designed for the Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2009. Just as its expression suggests, this heap implies a arbitrary and casual fashion The flower is evenly arranged around the thick round although one can never predict what flower marking follows

Chic LV Random Flower Ring

With its mother of-pearl-look Monogram flower surrounded by engraved brass studs, this chunky ring is a gigantic catching and pleasing finery for winter. The engraved brass studs are all about Louis Vuitton logo The chunky circle object is made from colored resin, on which is brass studs and shiny palladium finishing monogram flower This sphere is available in two colors, pink and grey. Personally I like the pink one extremely much, but the grey one perhaps is much supplementary singularity I like it thumping much, but I consider its price 120 sterling pounds moderately hefty. What is your opinion?

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